1. Just launched a trimmed down redesign for FiveSpotDerby.com If nothing else, make sure you check out the all new archive!

  2. This week’s letterpress design was created by warping/twisting the words from the following quote:

    “ To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other, and to feel. That is the purpose of life.”

    The quote comes from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

  3. On FiveSpotDerby.com This week:


    This design was created by warping/twisting/distorting the word “Love” written in 24 different languages.

    Piece Details

    13″ x 20″ Letterpress Print

    Ink and Metallic Foil design.

    Due to the application method for the foil no two prints are alike. Each one has a unique color layout.

    Hand signed and numbered.

    Languages included: (from top left to bottom right) Latvian, Norwegian, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Estonian, Finnish, English, Lithuanian, French, Greek, Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, Romanian, Danish, German, Icelandic, Czech, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovenian

    Only 75 prints available!

  4. Just released on FiveSpotDerby.com is an all new design by TEKSTartist. This letterpress anatomical heart design was created by warping/twisting/distorting the words from the following quote:

    "Don’t ever be ashamed of loving the strange little things that make your weird little heart happy."

    This design is limited to 70 prints. Head over to the derby now and snag one of these hand signed and numbered prints while they last. 


  5. Anonymous said: Is there anyway to still purchase these posters?

    All prints (that we still currently have in stock are available here: http://fivespotderby.com/shop/ 

    Hope this helps!


  6. Anonymous said: Is there any way to get a George gorge concert poster. My daughter and I attended that concert and it is one of my favorite memories with her. I just dropped her off at Cornell University across the country and already miss her terribly. I would love to send her that poster to hang on her dorm wall, it is a beautifuliece of art. Thanks

    I believe I have 1 left! Email me at me@TEKSTartist@gmail.com and I’ll do what I can to make sure it ends up in your hands!


  7. yaleblade said: Hey man, I was wondering if you still had the print to the pepper poster that you made about a year ago, I thought that was one of the sickest things ever.

    I do! Email me at me@TEKSTartist.com and I’ll shoot you info on how to snag a print!



  8. Anonymous said: If we wanted to frame your prints, what size frame do you suggest?

    Two options: 

    Simple Framing: The closest “standard” frame size is 13” x 19” Almost all of the designs we have released so far can be trimmed down (an inch on the long side) without losing the aesthetic of the design. Not ideal, but for the budget conscious it works perfectly.

    Ideal Framing: I think these look best in an 18” x 24” frame with a simple mat complimentary to the color of the design.

    Hope this helps!

    If you have any additional questions shoot me an email to me@TEKSTartist.com


  9. This week on FiveSpotDerby we’re introducing an all new ink and gold foil limited edition letterpress print. It was designed by twisting, warping, and distorting the words from the following quote:

    “Instead of seeing boundaries, learn to see opportunities to improve, to create, and to do unconventional things.” – Jason Surfrapp

    Long time derby fans should be no stranger to Jason Surfrapp. He is a creative powerhouse, an entrepreneur to the core, and was the inspiration for one of the first designs released here on the derby.

    This design was fully inspired by Jason’s new book Creativity For Sale. In it Jason shares the story of his extremely unconventional entrepreneurial path. It’s a quick and inspiring read, and (for this week only) Jason is sending a complimentary signed copy of the book to every single person who purchases this print.


  10. On FiveSpotDerby.com this week we introduce the “Make Manifesto” The design above was created by twisting/warping/distorting the words from the following text:

    Make things
    Make goals
    Make memories
    Make good food
    Make great friends
    Make bad art
    Make people happy
    Make opportunity
    Make changes
    Make love
    Make ideas come to life
    Make good choices
    Make time for family
    Make excuses to leave work early
    Make a mess
    Make mistakes
    Make promises
    Make out
    Make decisions
    Make music
    Make movies
    Make it work
    Make a move
    Make something